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Products Design

Create your own product range today

Drastically reduce your time from an idea to a successful,

sellable product, in the shortest possible time with our team of

skilled designers and inovators. From design, to prototyping,

iteration and mass production, find here, all services under one


FEA Analysis

Use of calculations, models and simulations to predict and

understand how an object might behave

FEA or Finite Element Analyis helps you validate your product

for strength and durablity, in the design phase itself! This

means That you save tons of money on physical experiments and

conscequent failures.

3D Printer Sales

Make a smart investment today for a better tomorrow

Yes, we know its not easy to chose the right printer, for the

right uses, in the right budget, but we make it happen. With our

wide range of printers and experts on the team, we help you

chose a printer that YOU NEED.

Reverse Engineering

Scan, Modify, Make

Replicate/Repair/Improvise an outdated/foreign part or product

with unparalleled infrastructure, including state-of-art

scanners, printers and an expert team.

Rapid Prototyping

The quickest way to get your product

Save on mould costs! Save on logistics! Save on delay costs!

Get your prototypes ready even while you are asleep as our range

of 3d printers deliver your products with precision, finish and

speed in a wide range of materials.


Gift yourself a better career

Enhance your career prospects with additive manufacturing,

poised to be one of the top 5 industries worldwide, of 2030. Our

workshops, seminars, webinars and internship programs will gear

you to be an expert in this high demand vertical.