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Infinite Possibilities 2.0, a workshop on Google Sketch-up and 3D Printing
Posted on:Thursday 10th March,2016

Printing in three-dimensions caught human fancy many decades ago and although we invented the technology of 2D printing, ideas and concepts in mere two-dimensional sketches and prints lacked the much needed depth. But now, technology has made it possible for us to not only take 3D prints of objects, but also design them. And guess what, you don’t have to be an ace designer or IT geek to do so!

Free 3D design software such as ‘SketchUp Make’ enables you to create your own designs that can be printed in 3D. Using SketchUp Make is more like drawing with pen and pencil – with the difference that you don’t need to be an artist to draw designs; the various design principles and tools embedded in the software allow anyone to make good designs. Moreover, there are thousands of customized designs (from basic shapes to automobiles to building plans, animals and other objects) already available in ‘3D Warehouse’ – a virtual depository of 3D designs at SketchUp, which can be downloaded, modified and uploaded free of cost. 

You just need to locate a 3D printer near you and Voila! – You have your concept in your hand!

“All that is fine,” you would say, “but what difference can 3D printing make in my daily life?” Well, in a broader perspective, 3D printing, being cheap, opens new vistas in areas such as architecture, engineering, education, utility and even entertainment. Using tools such as SketchUp, you may design the pre-prototype of a new concept, layout of your dream home, scaled-down version of a complex machine, a toy figurine or simply a household utility item such as a mobile holder. Also, once you master all the important aspects of using 3D design software, you may as well become a 3D design consultant and monetize your creativity!

The infinite possibilities presented by 3D design and printing is only restricted by individual creativity.

The team at INFINYT 3D endeavours to empower young students with the raw power of this revolutionary technology and often conducts workshops on 3D design and Printing.

The next event is scheduled for the 19th & 20th of March, 2016. This is the ONLY course of it type in Goa so don't waste time, register NOW!

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